Strategic Direction

The CMHC Foundation has committed to a multi-year strategic plan (2014-2016) with five core goals distributed in two strategic priority areas.  The plan will culminate in 2016, the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Connecticut Mental Health Center.

Strategic Priority #1:  Ensure the Foundation’s ability to provide sustained support by optimizing fundraising performance, strengthening leadership capacity, and improving communication.

1.  Optimize CMHC Foundation fundraising performance by increasing and diversifying revenue sources.

2.  Strengthen the capacity of the CMHC Foundation and CMHC to be leaders of change

3.  Describe, measure, and communicate the impact of the CMHC Foundation with greater specificity.

Strategic Priority #2:  Sponsor innovation and cultivate partnerships that advance integrative and holistic health practices and improve community wellbeing in Greater New Haven.

4.  Support innovations that integrate and improve multiple dimensions of health and wellness for all CMHC community members, including mental, physical, emotional, social and financial health.

5.  Improve community wellbeing in Greater New Haven by reducing the adverse impact of discrimination and stigma associated with mental health and addiction problems and by promoting access to recovery-oriented services.