Past Projects

Please read on for brief descriptions about Past Projects and feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

  • Yoga partnership with 108 Monkeys to train select CMHC staff to use basic yoga techniques to enhance clinical practice
  • Harvest Haven partnership with CitySeed to provide fresh produce shares for meal and food programs at Columbus House and Fellowship Place.
  • The Parachute Factory partnered with the Arts Council of Greater New Haven to launch innovative projects and arts internships in creative and performing arts, based in the offices of the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health in New Haven’s Erector Square complex.
  • Foot-Care Clinic partnership with Columbus House and New Haven’s interagency Outreach & Engagement Team to provide foot care, podiatry screening, socks, and foot-care supplies to homeless men and women.
  • Smoking Cessation CMHC project to educate and support clients and staff to reduce or quit smoking and to promote CMHC as a smoke-free campus.
  • Focus In New Haven CMHC client photo group
  • Welcome Basket pioneering project utilizing peer staff to support client transition from inpatient hospitalization to independent community living, later funded by the SAMHSA and now part of CMHC’s rehabilitation services. 

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