About “Recovery is…”

The CMHC Foundation is proud to support the Recovery is… Video Series! 

Want to hear a story that could change your life?
In this 50th anniversary year of the Connecticut Mental Health Center, we are sharing powerful stories of recovery told by those who know it best: people in recovery.
These brand new videos feature people and their strengths, not illnesses and diagnoses. As the stories unfold, the people in them- all members of the CMHC community- tell about what they love and what has meaning for them. They reveal truths about their life journeys in which their mental health or addiction struggles are in the background. More revealing are their efforts to live full, creative lives that are rich in hope, possibility, and relationships. Their stories reveal a simple truth:  Recovery is. 
Every year 5,000 men and women in Greater New Haven count on Connecticut Mental Health Center to be there when they need it most. When they’ve run out of resources and need help dealing with serious mental health and addiction problems, CMHC is there for them with cutting edge and compassionate care. The CMHC Foundation is proud to be the non-profit supporting organization of CMHC, a place that every day saves lives and helps to build a stronger, healthier community.
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