Financial Assistance Funds

The CMHC Foundation raises money to provide emergency financial assistance through the following designated funds: 

  • Audrey Tyson Recovery Supports Fund available for people served by CMHC by application to the fund administrator through a CMHC staff clinician.  See application below.
  • Outreach & Engagement Fund available for homeless men and women being served by the Community Services Network interagency Outreach & Engagement Team staff by request of the fund administrator.  See application below.
  • Pets of Patients Fund available for people served by CMHC for emergency veterinary care by application to the fund administrator through a CMHC staff clinician. See application below.
  • Living Free Fund supports the needs of CMHC clients who are enrolled in the Living Free Program, a prison re-entry initiative at the ForDD Clinic (a satellite clinic of CMHC). The Living Free Program serves men and women from the greater New Haven area who are leaving incarceration and are in need of substance use treatment as they re-enter our communities. We meet men and women enrolled in Living Free pre-release to help ensure a successful re-entry plan and supported transition to the community. Once in the community, we provide individualized substance use and mental health treatment, we are closely integrated with physical healthcare, and our community advocates actively assist Living Free clients to re-integrate into their communities and to access needed services. Living Free clients have numerous, fundamental needs as they leave incarceration. The Living Free Fund supports access to material needs and services that are not otherwise available. These resources are key in supporting the successful transition out of incarceration and supporting the ability of our clients to live healthy and fulfilling lives in the New Haven community. For more information, contact Fund Administrator JoAnna Spinnato (formerly Depino), RN at


For more information about making a contribution or requesting funds, please contact Kyle Pedersen, 203-974-7089.

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