Funding Focus Areas

The CMHC Foundation secures and administers funds for special projects, grantmaking initiatives and financial assistance that address the following focus areas:

  • Health & Wellness - to address physical health and health care needs and to foster holistic approaches to mental, physical and spiritual health
  • Community Inclusion -  to increase opportunities for sustained participation in community activities of a person’s choosing, (i.e., in settings not limited to people in recovery)
  • Empowerment & Advocacy - to utilize and build on a person’s firsthand experience of recovery, to address discrimination, challenge existing structures/policies, and to promote awareness and community education
  • Arts & Creative Expression - to increase opportunities to develop artistic abilities and interests and to promote creative expression
  • Work & Education - to expand opportunities for sustained participation in career related activities such as competitive employment, micro-enterprise, and post-secondary education, training and certification

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