50 Years and Counting… on You!

November 14, 2016
Connecticut Mental Health Center just celebrated 50 Years of Hope & Service, a milestone birthday that may seem young for a major public health institution.
For 50 years the Center has been there for nearly 4,000 men and women every year. The people served are among 1 in 25 Americans with serious mental health problems, often compounded by addiction, poverty, trauma, incarceration, and chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension. And they are at risk of dying 25 years too young. For them, 50 years is a lifetime.
All of us at CMHC envision life past 50 where our fellow citizens—especially those who need it most—can discover life-saving care that helps people recover and lead healthy and meaningful lives in the community.
To read our full annual appeal and learn how you can help us push past 50, click here.
Whether you contribute $50, $250, or $2,500, you become part of the mission at the heart of CMHC: Recovery. Discovery. Together.
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