Sharing Culinary Talents

February 10, 2018

Serena Spruill, one of CMHC’s peer-support specialists, recently co-lead “Stir the Pot,” a monthly potluck and food justice working group at CitySeed’s Grand Avenue kitchen. Spruill and her co-leaders are all alumni of Master Cooks Corps and they shared their own personal journeys with food and community advocacy with the 25-person gathering. Spruill shares her culinary talents with the CMHC community by teaching cooking lessons to people living with mental illness. “These people—it’s amazing,” she said. “You don’t even think that they’re even aware of what’s going on around them, but they can cut up, slice up an onion. And they feel so good once they sit down and eat the food. It’s amazing. We know that we’re reaching these people, and it’s just an amazing feeling at the end of every class. We know that we’re really touching them.” You can read the full article about Spruill and the other “Stir the Pot” leaders here.

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