Spring Appeal 2016

April 26, 2016

An excerpt from our Spring Appeal by board member Chris Philip-Onofrio

CMHC and its Foundation are like safety engineers in our community. Together they do the unseen work of making sure that nearly 5,000 adults every year have reliable support systems to overcome mental illness, addictions, and poverty, in order to be well
and live securely in the community. It’s a big job! 
At CMHC, people find support to eat better and reduce food insecurity, manage their money and reduce financial stress, and acquire refurbished bikes to increase independence and improve fitness. 
The Foundation also invests in the CMHC workforce by funding innovative staff ideas to improve outpatient services with $50 or less—over 25 exciting ideas funded so far! And the Foundation has strengthened community awareness with events at local libraries and area schools and colleges; and with a new series of videos featuring people in recovery. (See the entire Recovery Is… video series on our website.We can’t do this work alone. We need your help to build strong support systems for people today, while we continue to anticipate future problems and opportunities. 

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